Cakepops have been around for quite a while now…. so much so that they come in a different shape named cakesicle. They’re easy to eat and fun to decorate! If you love cake and chocolate these are definitely on your list of must have at your next event!

Cakepops and Cakesicles are kinda for like any time….
They can be made for simple gatherings, personalized with an edible image and beautifully dressed up with edible decoration for your lavish event! They not only brighten up the sweettable for your sweet 16, they bring elegance next to your wedding cake as well!

Simple cake pops can be dipped in plain colored chocolate and sprinkled with sanding sugar or sprinkles for added shine and sweetness. Some can simply be drizzled, whatever your taste buds prefer *-*

We offer cakepops and cakesicles in a variety of different flavors:
Red Velvet
Dark chocolate
Oreo cookies & cream
Ferrero Rocher (cakesicles only)
Tres leches (cakesicles only)

Our cakepops are not the baked in a round shape kinda pops, these are the truffle kinda pops where we crumble the cake, mix in some frosting and shape them into balls (most of the time). After that we poke a stick in it and dip them in melted chocolate, right before it sets we decorate them with sprinkles, dry them up and personalize them even further.

Whatever you’re planning we are happy to create your personalized cakepops for your next event! See anything you’d like to have re-created with your personal touch? We love to do change it up and make it “your” creation. Shoot us a message to discuss details! info@sylsdelights.com

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