At Syl’s Delights we give you quality products at affordable prices, our Chocolate Covered Strawberries is a great example of that! Each fresh strawberry is carefully selected and dipped in exquisite chocolate. If you’ve had our chocolate covered strawberries at the farmers market, you know the chocolate we use is heavenly creamy it melts in your mouth… that with a strawberry, YES PLEASE! Chocolate covered strawberries are great gifts for your host, valentine’s day or any day you feel like spoiling your loved ones…. We can change the color, add edible embellishments and they’re a unique personalized edible gift!

A luxury dessert is here! Chocolate strawberry bouquet and tower are candy to the eye! Surprise your loved one with a beautiful delivery of sweet strawberries dipped in exquisite chocolate that’s made into a scrumptious beautiful looking bouquet! Strawberry towers have double the amount of strawberries on them thus making them perfect for large gatherings… Need to have them match your theme? We can change up the colors to fit them into your theme!

A Cupcake Bouquet is the sweetest gift one can gift their loved ones. Instead of gifting them flowers that will most likely start to welt in two days, give them a basket of cupcake flowers! They not only resemble real flowers, they satisfy the taste buds as well! We have something for every budget:

$30 Pail bouquet :  Perfect teachers gifts, to welcome a new baby or just because!

$45 Vase bouquet :  Great as centerpieces, for weddings and baby showers!

$60 Deluxe basket bouquet : Cupcakes and cakepops are beautifully arranged in a reusable basket for you to keep, great valentine’s day or mother’s day gift idea!

***Orders above $50 receive a complimentary delivery within 5 miles of Harrisonburg city lines.

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