Family favorites

Syl’s Delights has a diverse background, we take that to our advantage and are able to offer you sweets you normally won’t find in Harrisonburg! There’s a little bit of American, Dutch, Surinamese, Javaans and Indian in our products that we create especially for you!  Our home made;
Maizena cookies / Coconut truffles and Gulab Jamun are sweet delicacies used for any celebration.

Next to sweets, we offered our locals savory snacks throughout our years at the Harrisonburg farmers market. You may now place bulk orders for our homemade Pastei, Goegerie and Loempia!

Maizena cookies have been a favorite cookie in Suriname for decades! Every child and adult adore these cookies that are baked for countless generations before them… It was brought over to the Netherlands where the Dutch still enjoy these scrumptious cookies in Surinamese restaurants.  Since cornstarch is used instead of flour, maizena cookies are gluten free!

Coconut truffles have an Indonesian background that was brought over to Suriname, it is a tropical sweet everyone enjoys from young children to adult, celebrate your birthdays/ weddings with this unique delicacy. As coconut is free of gluten, our regular coconut truffles are gluten free. For the lean eaters we offer a chocolate truffle where the coconut is hidden inside a chocolate truffle. We mostly use white chocolate and color this to match the theme of your event, we can certainly make these with milk chocolate just let me know when placing your order!
Warning: chocolate coconut truffles contain wheat!

Gulab Jamun is an Indian sweet dumpling. They’re a part of every celebration be it the birth of a baby, good news or family gatherings you’ll find it at any occasion! As most sweets are made with milk so are Gulab Jamun… they’re made with a combination of milk powder and flour, certainly not suitable for the dairy and gluten intolerant ones.

Pastei is a dutch vegetarian puff pastry filled with peas and carrot. You may think ewww who likes carrots… Believe me this savory pastry will have you asking for more! its not the kinda I only taste carrot pastry, its the wow I wonder what else is in here pastry with a kick to it.

Goegerie was one of our products that sold out on a weekly basis at the Harrisonburg farmers market!  Goegerie is chickpeas in tomato sauce, flavored with onions, garlic and pepper to give it a kick you can’t resist. This Surinamese dish is vegan friendly! Don’t want any pepper, let us know when you place your order.

If you ever visit us at any of the surrounding events, you may have had one of our fresh fried loempia aka. spring roll. You can now order these in bulk for your upcoming dinner party! We fill our spring rolls with green beans and bean sprouts, flavor them with white pepper and tomato. These are a vegetarian delight! Make sure to get plenty as two per person might not be enough!

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